Urban Planning Lawyers in Valencia


Do you need city planning lawyers in Valencia? At Valero&Garrigues Abogados we are amply prepared to be able to advise and represent you, with guarantees, in this type of specialised case and we have a proven track record in this area. If you’ve been the victim of bad practices by third parties or of a questionable decision on the part of an administration, you can bet firmly that we’ll protect your interests, especially when there may be so much at stake. Our attention will be absolute in the defense of your property and its value.



However, because our training and the multidisciplinary trajectory of our staff allows us to deal with diverse cases with full resolve, you can also count on us in many other legal circumstances. For example, we frequently work as matrimonial lawyers in Valencia. If you are going through a break up or need advice about how to deal with the consequences of a divorce, we can provide you with the detailed, personalised assistance of a lawyer specialised in this type of process.


An office with expert urban planning lawyers in Valencia


You’ll find that our fees as lawyers in Valencia strictly correspond to the value of our detailed advice and expert representation, which itself is backed up not only by our renowned legal background and training, but also by the results we’ll obtain for you. We provide legal assistance to many well-known clients, always living up to their hopes, to obtain satisfactory judgments.

Our office is marked out by its professionalism and commitment to the client, which is evident both in the field of urban law in Valencia and in all the other legal fields we work in. In addition, we must also highlight our editorial and educational work in law which we develop in close collaboration with universities and publishers.