Tax law, also known as financial or fiscal law, is concerned with regulating relations between citizens, the State, and Public Administrations. The Tax Law Department at Valero&Garrigues law firm in Valencia offers its clients, whether natural or legal persons (individuals or legal entities), general one-off consultations or specific advice according to their individual needs.

  • General tax consultations and labour advice.
  • Monitoring, updating, and notification about modifications in the fiscal legislation that affects our clients’ activities.
  • Advice for companies: problem solving, optimisation of investments, company restructuring, etc.
  • Taxation of salaries or any other type of payment made to employees and service providers.


At Valero&Garrigues we help you to prepare different types of documents such as payroll and social security paperwork, collective agreements, and dismissals. Our team of tax law professionals can take care of employment level adjustments (EREs, or Expedientes de Regulación de Empleo in Spanish)—redundancy schemes; give advice on the prevention of occupational risks and disabilities; provide fiscal representation; and analyse and optimise fiscal operations in the financial and real estate sectors.


Our lawyers at Valero&Garrigues adapt to each case and the needs of our clients in a way that favours friendly, personalised treatment. At our law firm we have experience in every domain of tax law.


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