The lawyers in the Procedural Law Department at Valero&Garrigues, your law firm in Valencia, have extensive experience in this area of law, allowing them to easily see the general overview of cases in terms of their technicalities, as well as to get at the core of the problem. Therefore, we can guarantee effective communication between both parties.

  • Corporate and business conflicts.
  • Manager and administrator responsibilities.
  • Inheritances and family processes.
  • Breach of contracts and agreements.


At Valero&Garrigues we also handle arbitration and mediation at arbitration courts; economic conflicts; resolution of civil and commercial contracts; application and enforcement of judicial and non-judicial court orders; and civil liability actions, among many other case types.


Our law firm in Valencia offers assistance and defense to our clients for arbitration or judicial proceedings of any type: Commercial and corporate law, civil law, administrative law, contentious labour law, and criminal law.


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