Marriage Lawyers Valencia


Our matrimonial lawyer service in Valencia is recommended if you are involved in a marriage break up or if you want to claim your rights against a former legal partner. The legal experts that make up the team at Valero&Garrigues Abogados have solid experience in this and other fields of law, which, for us, is essential to maintaining a proper, fluid relationship with our clients.


It is worth entrusting us with your family law case in Valencia. The multidisciplinary specialisations of our personnel, their ability to work in teams, and the personalised and detailed supervision of each case are some of the keys that allow us to achieve satisfactory results and to reduce the client’s burden of worry, as far as possible, at a time that is usually difficult for them. Put yourself in our hands: we will expertly put your separation, divorce, or any related petitions into process, working with the utmost seriousness and rigor to defend your interests.



When the death of a relative occurs and it’s time to manage their estate, sadly, problems and confrontations often arise between the heirs. Therefore having serious lawyers to provide legal assistance for inheritances in Valencia is the best way to prevent disputes from escalating and to ensure the legitimate distribution of the estate.


Matrimonial lawyers in Valencia worthy of your trust


We are by no means limited to these areas of ​​legal activity, especially because our office comprises lawyers with long family traditions of in law and economics. When you need the assistance of a good legal team, you will always find the right professionals to assist you at Valero&Garrigues Abogados. For example, our extensive work as inheritance lawyers in Valencia is meticulous, so as to ensure our clients’ rights are respected in these complex situations.


Of course, our work also goes beyond these private cases. Our work as urban planning lawyers in Valencia is recognised, as well as our general work in commercial and administrative areas of law, all based on the specialised training of the economists who form part of our firm.