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Valero&Garrigues Abogados are a juridical-economic firm with a clear multidisciplinary vocation comprising a wide range of professionals from families with long-standing careers in law and economics disciplines. We become fully implicated in the cases our customers entrust us with and manage our cases as a team which is oriented towards offering clients their best options and different ways of approaching their cases, always adapting to their specific needs.

At Valero&Garrigues Abogados we take a personalised approach to studying our clients’ cases and completely adapt to their needs. We are among the most experienced law firms in Valencia.

Valero&Garrigues Abogados firmly believes that specialisation does not stifle broadmindedness across the full range of law disciplines. That is why we ensure our clients the best services possible, within our different areas of specialisation: commercial law (corporate, bankruptcy, mergers, acquisitions, refinancing, etc.), criminal law (serious crimes or offenses arising from traffic accidents, misdemeanor proceedings, etc.), civil law (assets, liabilities and contracts, leases, real estate and property law, easements, etc.), administrative and litigation law, contentious labour and Social Security law (labour rights consultancy, payroll and social security preparation, collective agreements, prevention of occupational hazards, etc.), and tax and procedural law, specialising in business, family, inheritance, and brokerage services. Whenever you need to contact a law firm in Valencia, our team won’t hesitate to offer you personalised advice which is completely adapted to your needs.


Team of economists and lawyers in Valencia


Our team of economists and lawyers in Valencia comprises professionals with extensive experience in the sector and a long family tradition in their respective fields of activity. Jaime Valero Muñoz, Manuel Goerlich Tío, Javier Garrigues Lluch, and María Furió Fornes ensure their customers are provided with all the information they need, directing their teams to specifically care for each individual case.

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