At Valero&Garrigues law firm in Valencia we have an expert team in labour law that covers every aspect of this field to provide our clients with the best possible service in labour law.

  • Preparation of payrolls, pension plans and funds, and remuneration systems.
  • Social security, mutual insurance for work accidents, prevention of risks and disabilities.
  • Permanent and temporary employment level adjustments (EREs, or Employment Regulation Files in Spanish), i.e., redundancy or layoff schemes.
  • Employment consultation and legal advice for workers’ representatives.


The field of ​​labour law is very extensive and at Valero&Garrigues we deal with all the service types that fall within this domain. Layoffs and dismissals; permissions and exceedances; workplace harassment; work-based conflicts; modification of workers’ labour conditions; contracting and subcontracting; human resources; claims; sanctioning procedures; claims to the Social Security General Treasury (Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social in Spanish); mediation of work inspections, and conflict reconciliation.


Our Labour Law Department also handles procedures related to the general administration of the autonomous and local states (Administraciónes Generales del Estado autonómicas y locales in Spanish). Moreover, we’ll draft the documents required for any labour case.


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