Jaime Valero Muñoz. Founding partner at Valero&Garrigues Abogados Director of the Criminal and International Commercial Procedural Law  Departments.

Law degree from the CEU San Pablo de  Valencia University, 1994–99. He became a member of the Bar Association of Valencia (Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Valencia) in 2001.

Jaime Valero Muñoz developed his professional career as a Managing Partner in the Procedural Law Area at the firm Valero Abogados, conducting innumerable civil, commercial, and criminal judicial proceedings. His extensive training in other subjects such as corporate and commercial law allows him to hold positions on the Boards of Directors of numerous companies important to the Valencian and national economies. He also provides legal advice to these companies and represents and defends them in any lawsuits they may become involved in.

He is currently the head of legal services for the company ACZIA-BIOGÁS and also belongs to its Board of Directors. This company is dedicated to the generation of energy through biogas and is present at the national and international levels where it is involved in several projects. He has also belonged to the external legal counsel of insurance companies, defending both these companies and their insured parties in countless civil and criminal lawsuits derived from traffic accidents.