Inheritance Lawyers in Valencia


If you need to contact inheritance lawyers in Valencia Valero&Garrigues Abogados will provide you with the rigorous and highly professional assistance you require without neglecting the importance of personalised service, giving you the confidence you need in these situations.

The professionals at our firm come from a background of a long tradition of lawyers and economists and, in turn, they have a extensive experience both in the firm’s business and legal services. All this is evident in our daily multidisciplinary activities. For example, we work as city planning lawyers in Valencia, reliably managing each of the cases presented to us with utmost dedication.

When the death of a relative occurs and it’s time to manage their estate, sadly, problems and confrontations often arise between the heirs. Therefore having serious lawyers to provide legal assistance for inheritances in Valencia is the best way to prevent disputes from escalating and to ensure the legitimate distribution of the estate.


Experienced inheritance lawyers in Valencia


The consultation we provide in this field is based on the wide experience and training of our lawyers and also on our commitment to help each client in an individualised way. When we discuss defending the interests of legitimate heirs, we manage our clients’ complete compliance with tax obligations in the way that is least harmful to them.

Thanks to the versatility of our legal and economic staff, we can provide other services with the same level of attention. For example, if you need criminal lawyers in Valencia don’t hesitate to come to our office so that we can study your case and offer you the best help available.