At Valero&Garrigues we have extensive experience in diverse areas of Criminal Law and have several experts in the field on our team. Our goal is to defend our clients, both natural and legal persons (individuals and legal entities), providing them the complete services they need.

  • Criminal economic, corporate, and company law: abusive agreements, partners’ rights, fraudulent administration, etc.
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury (Hacienda Pública), Social Security (Seguridad Social), and other public sector institutions.
  • Criminal law arising from road traffic accidents.
  • Economic crimes related to banking, robberies, fraud, appropriations, money laundering, etc.


Valero&Garrigues deals with every branch of criminal law: crimes against the right to honour, privacy, and personal image; cybercrime; abuse of industrial and intellectual property; environmental crimes; falsification of documentation; petitions for clemency or pardon; offences relating to the market and consumers; rights against individuals, including restraining orders; and crimes against property and socioeconomic order, etc.


Our law firm in Valencia puts a friendly team at your disposal who’ll advise you and help you through your case, providing the personalised attention you need. The scope of criminal law is very extensive, but at Valero&Garrigues we have experts in every area of this field.


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